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So, here goes my second post in english. As you might have realized I have writen a lot since the previous one and its not easy to summarize all that now.

First of all I'm not in a hotel anymore but with a local familly. The house is great, I have already posted a video with it, I like it a lot. Familly members are very nice with me, they always take care I'm OK and most importantly the food is excellent, I couldn't be more happy with them.

Three weeks ago there was a demostration in Pacaipampa against the mining activity. That's a big issue in theese lands where about 95% of the populations is farmer and mines would contaminate the enviroments puting in danger their way of live. So, I was taking pictures to the demostration (by the way, quite risky, as people from all the villages came and thought I was working for the mine company) and suddelnty my digital camera fell of and broke down. Then at the same time I got sick and I was about three days almost all the time at home in the bed. So the fiestas of Pacaipampa came and I couldn't enjoy them, not even take a picture to show to you. Hopefully the sickness went off and I could buy a new camera for just 75€, great isn't it? It was also that time when there was an earthquake in the south of Peru but there was no incidence here.

During this time I had too the oportunity to see some of the beautys of the region. Athe the beginning of Agusut I went to a Viallage called Totora, from where doing treking I could reach the Paramo Lake, amazing indeed. In the other hand 10 days ago I coud swam in the Pacific Ocean when I went to visit the beach of Máncora.

And this is all up to now.

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Beeda dijo...

Eskerrik asko of the post card!! My ex-flatmate came to study and another boy from also so finally i can practice my finnish again :)

Aupa Orio! (it is just too bad that regatas are in the same day with euskal jaiak of zarautz)

Andoni dijo...

Aupa Orio indeed, and Zarautz as well.

Now you know your mission, you must sow them the beautys of the basque country and give them to taste kalimtxo, sidra and txakili. Then they willl be ready to join you in Comando Suomi.

Anónimo dijo...

Kaixo Andoni,
Eskerrik asko Andoni postalagatik. Posten naiz zutaz zeozer jakitea. Ez ditut komentario guztiak irakurri, bain ikusten dudanez oso ondo zaude nahiz eta batzutan kili kolo ibili (normala da, ba). Beno gutxi falta zaizu etortzeko. Ea etortzen zarenean egoten garen.

Muxu handi bat, Arrigorriagatik!!!!!


Andoni dijo...

Badirudi atzerapenez bada ere ari direla iristen postalak. Bia Itziar egongo gara bueltan, ni azaldu beharko naiz handik ze zu Donostiara gerturatzerako ...