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So, here goes my second post in english. As you might have realized I have writen a lot since the previous one and its not easy to summarize all that now.

First of all I'm not in a hotel anymore but with a local familly. The house is great, I have already posted a video with it, I like it a lot. Familly members are very nice with me, they always take care I'm OK and most importantly the food is excellent, I couldn't be more happy with them.

Three weeks ago there was a demostration in Pacaipampa against the mining activity. That's a big issue in theese lands where about 95% of the populations is farmer and mines would contaminate the enviroments puting in danger their way of live. So, I was taking pictures to the demostration (by the way, quite risky, as people from all the villages came and thought I was working for the mine company) and suddelnty my digital camera fell of and broke down. Then at the same time I got sick and I was about three days almost all the time at home in the bed. So the fiestas of Pacaipampa came and I couldn't enjoy them, not even take a picture to show to you. Hopefully the sickness went off and I could buy a new camera for just 75€, great isn't it? It was also that time when there was an earthquake in the south of Peru but there was no incidence here.

During this time I had too the oportunity to see some of the beautys of the region. Athe the beginning of Agusut I went to a Viallage called Totora, from where doing treking I could reach the Paramo Lake, amazing indeed. In the other hand 10 days ago I coud swam in the Pacific Ocean when I went to visit the beach of Máncora.

And this is all up to now.